Small workspaces – inspiration and ideas

We all need to work from home from time to time. And just because you have a tiny place there’s no reason not to have a relaxing, functional and creative place to do the work you need to do – you can have a small workspace in your home.

Here are some favourite small workspace ideas I’ve used as inspiration for our mini-office in our home.

Keeping it simple – desks to fit into little nooks of space

Making use of a slim window space – perfect for procrastinating!

Down the side of this tiny room is a characterful and interesting desk made simply of some salvaged wood

Wall-mounted solutions that don’t take up floor space but keep things neat

This Ikea-hacked besta solution includes lots of storage

A simple wall-mounted shelf and gallery wall can create a restful workspace

Folding tables that do the job but can be tucked away

Keeping it very simple – a fold down neutral table can do the job for occasional working.

This hinged solution folds up so it’s mini when not in use

An incredibly organised fold-down solution where everything has a place

At our house…
I used to work from home full time, but soon found that too isolating so I joined a coworking space (more on that soon!). However, we still needed a place where we could both work (and play games).

Our solution is a solid wood breakfast bar/table with a corner office nook. We had a tiny bit of space to make use of so instead of just having one length of bar table, we had the piece of wood custom cut to fit the little corner. This is where Robert sits to undertake the very important work of building rockets to send little green men to faraway planets, and where I write on small space people!

Solid wood breakfast bar/desk
It’s made good use of a tricky little corner!
Solid oak breakfast bar
It is long! But tucking the computer in the corner means we still have a good size bar space.

We love the oiled wood which is developing character over time. We love being able to sit together to work at the same time. And we also love being in the same room as each other while we are working: I can be cooking while Robert’s flying to the moon and he can be making me a cuppa while I’m writing.

Solid wood breakfast bar
The wood looks different in different lights and is developing a real character.

Check out this pinterest board that I’ve compiled for some more ideas.

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